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The treasury of amino acids discovered in wild apple elixir

o proizvodimaAs often happens, it took a simple coincidence to confirm the healing effects of a forgotten species of wild apple which was almost exterminated in Europe. When Života Nikolić went to visit his birthplace near Vrnjačka Banja in 2012, the flu could have stopped him from returning back to the USA. He tried to beat this virus with many pharmaceutical products, but nothing helped. But then, the local neighbors recommended a homemade wild apple „vinegar“. Only after taking this remedy, Ms. Nikolić was feeling better, ready to get into the plane back home and determined to make sure everyone knows about this forgotten and inedible fruit as a universal „first aid“.

The sample of „vinegar“ that returned his strength was with him on his way back. When he returned to his home in Texas, Života sent a small amount of this cure to analysis in one Dallas laboratory. From there, he quickly got a call to explain what exactly lies behind this „magical“ liquid. The scientists could not believe that besides sugar which accelerates fermentation, nothing else is added into this remedy, but the number of free amino acids was enormous. Života was also very surprised by this discovery. He then realized that this was not „vinegar“, but an elixir. This discovery triggered Života’s curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit which was more than enough for the first step towards success. In 2013, Života came back to Serbia in order to buy off wild apples and make a healing elixir which would be sold all over the USA. The year was very fruitful, which is why the gatherers near Vrnjačka Banja quickly heard about the „American“ and his plan, so finally, more than 500 tons of wild apples were processed and Života got his first amount of elixir and tea.


„In our product made of wild apple, there are 16 amino acids from which the half is essential, and the other half is non-essential. We can influence the proportion and the amount, so the amino acids could be increased or decreased according to specific needs. Free amino acids are different from the amino acids in proteins because they are not tied to each other, which is why they work differently and quicker within the human organism. They are called „first aid“ acids because when it comes to injury, they accelerate healing. In this particular characteristic lies the value of our product“, says Života, while emphasizing that the „production“ of this remedy is not a short-term and constant process since 300 days is needed for apple fermentation and it takes almost a year to get a final product. The amount of collected fruit depends exclusively upon weather condition and the fertility of the year. Života’s goal is to preserve wild apple as species and to limit the weather effect by making seedlings.

The word-of-mouth is our best advertisement

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The wild apple elixir decreases swelling during the injury and eliminates both acute and chronic pain, but can also be used as a prevention. Thanks to a proven presence of multiple amino acids, this cure prevents the growth of blood pressure and cholesterol in the blood while working as an anesthetic, so when it comes to a toothache, for example, only one spoon of this elixir held in mouth releases the pain. „I always try everything myself, which is why last year I have conducted a small experiment. I must say that I don’t recommend this experiment to anyone, because I have voluntarily replaced my regular therapy for about three months from 9/1/2017 to 12/17/2017 and with the extract of wild apple. After that, I went to a regular check-up to my doctor’s in the USA. When the blood results came, the doctor said that they have never been better, which led to a conclusion that his therapy is magnificent. I haven’t told him that I haven’t been on his therapy, “ says Života with a smile on his face. He is very pleased when people tell him about the enormous relief they feel after the use of his products. Their recommendations are very important, but it takes time for a large number of people to hear them.

The list of Mr. Nikolić’s clients and users of his products made of wild apple is more than impressive including Novak Djokovic, Kylan Mbappe, Kevin Durant, Neymar, Filip Krajinović, Ivana Španović, Asmir Kolašinac, etc.

NOVAK ĐOKOVIĆ: "Nature presents its healing wonders through wild apple ELIXIR. It is one of the strongest sources of instant inflammatory relief."

STEFAN MITROVIĆ (soccer player FS Gent Belgium): "First time aftetr 1 1/2 years of pain I was able to train and play games wuthout injections, after fout hours of treatment wuth ELIXIR."

Products presented to the international sports medicine experts

efsmaIn April 2017, Života participated in 10th Congres of Sports Medicine organized by the European Federation of Sport and Medicine Associations (EFSMA) in Portugal. He wanted to meet the professional community with the products that provide a fast recovery to sportsmen after their injuries, and this initiative was supported by our famous tennis player Novak Djoković. „Nevertheless, we make products here, and we will not transfer our production elsewhere since there is no place where wild apple grows better“, claims Života and adds that he would like it the most if this product from Serbia could be represented proudly all around the world.